Solving Your Family’s Sleep Problems

Find any new parent, and even some veterans, and all they want to talk about is sleep.  Or lack of it.  Or when they might actually get some.  For many, that solid 8 hour stretch of sleep that most used to experience before they had children is now a distant memory.  This does not have to be a permanent condition of parenthood.  Everyone in your family can begin to get a good night’s sleep again.  Sleep Tight Consultants can help you.  Parents faced with infant and child sleep difficulties often feel helpless and alone. Although everyone has advice to give, it seems like nobody offers a definitive plan as to how to improve your child’s sleep.  Sleep Tight Consultants can help you.

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Chicago-based child sleep consultant, I have been trained to holistically look at a family’s entire circumstance in order to evaluate what methods and approaches would be best suited to solve their child’s sleep problems.  If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, I can help you:

  • Does your child wake frequently throughout the night and need your assistance falling back to sleep?
  • Are naps too short or nonexistent?
  • Does your child need lots of “help” getting to sleep (rocking, bouncing, feeding)?
  • Does your child have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep?
  • Does your child end up in your bed at some point in the night and this is not an arrangement that is working well for your whole family?
  • Does your child wake up before 6am and still seem exhausted?
  • Are the “tricks” you used to use to get your child to sleep no longer working?
  • Do you and your partner have disagreements about how to handle your child’s sleep habits?
  • Are you exhausted from your child’s inconsistent sleep patterns and feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to help?
  • Have you read “all the books” and feel that none of them address the problems you are having with your child’s sleep?
  • I am looking for ways to help my child learn to sleep better without leaving him to “cry it out” alone.

Sleep Tight Consultants tailors your program to fit your family’s unique needs and living situations, helping your children learn to sleep on their own.  As a mother, I understand that today’s parents need a sleep coaching approach that is gentle, caring, safe, and simple to follow. These principles are the foundation upon which my methods were developed.  I don’t just help you fix the immediate problem.  Through a comprehensive review of your child’s medical, developmental, and behavioral history, I work with parents to develop a plan that they can implement consistently and with success.  You will learn about infant and child sleep science and be empowered with the tools you need to foster good sleep habits in the months and years to follow.

We then work together to create a complete plan that encompasses:

  • Creating an environment that encourages sleep
  • Age appropriate day and night sleep schedules
  • Developing sleep routines (books, nursing/bottle, baths) that everyone enjoys
  • Techniques to avoid or gradually wean off potential “sleep crutches”
  • How to work around sleep disruptions (developmental milestones, travel, teething)

You and your children don’t have to be exhausted. For information on my services and fees, please click here.  Contact Sleep Tight Consultants today to help your whole family get the sleep they deserve!