Pacifier pros and cons

I frequently hear from parents that before their child was born, they thought they would never use a pacifier.  Then once their baby arrived and had a strong urge to soothe by sucking, all those firm beliefs went out the window.  Pacifiers can be a great tool, especially for babies who want to be sucking… Continue Reading

FREE Sunday Sleep Chat

Please join me next Sunday, March 9 from 8-9pm (CST) for a FREE Sunday Sleep Chat.  Go to, “Like” the page, log on at 8pm and ask all your sleep questions.  I will answer as many questions as I can in an hour. Continue Reading

Why does my baby only nap for 30 minutes?

One of the most common questions I hear from parents is regarding their children’s short naps.  More specifically, naps lasting 30 minutes, sometimes (if you’re lucky), 45 minutes.  Parents will say, “my baby can only sleep for 30 minutes and then he’s up, and he won’t go back to sleep.”  This is a painful experience… Continue Reading

Medical sleep stealers

Parents ask me all the time what reassurances I can give them that working with me and making changes in their child’s sleep will really work.  My response is that making behavioral changes in sleep is very straight-forward once you know what to do.  If you make changes, respond consistently and keep responding consistently over… Continue Reading

Common sleep regressions and how to handle them

Sleep regressions are every tired parents big fear.  Especially if you have completed sleep coaching your child and now things have gone off the rails, you are bound to be frustrated and discouraged if your baby begins waking again.  Parents ask me all the time, “Once my child has learned how to sleep, what regressions… Continue Reading

The importance of a bedtime routine

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a bedtime routine.  Children as young as 8 weeks old can appreciate a bedtime routine.  Why is bedtime routine important?  From a biological standpoint, opioids are created in the brain when entering a welcoming, cozy, or familiar space.  This helps calm the brain and get ready it ready… Continue Reading

Sleep tips for summertime travel

Summer is finally here and you are probably looking forward to spending time outside, going for stroller walks, exploring the parks, going to the beach and taking a vacation.  But if this is your first summer as a parent, vacation takes on a vastly different meaning then it once did pre-parenthood.  Gone are the days… Continue Reading