Interested in scheduling a consultation?  Here’s how:

1) Contact Linda either by phone at (773) 340-2229, email or by clicking here and completing an online contact form.  During your free 15 minute consultation, you will have an opportunity to share what challenges you have been facing with your child’s (or children’s) sleep, learn a bit about what could be leading to the troubles you are having and what would be involved in making changes so that you see drastic improvements.

2) Determine when would be a good time to schedule your consultation.  It is preferable that both parents (in two parent families) be participants in the consultation.  In order to be consistent, both parents need to be on the same page.  To accomodate everyone’s schedules, consultations are typically done on the weekends or in the evenings but there are daytime appointments available as well.  Consults within the city of Chicago typically take place in your home.  In person consults outside the city limits are possible but will incur a travel fee.  Phone or video (Skype or Facetime) consults are available for anyone outside the city of Chicago (suburbs or other states).

3) Determine which consultation package you will be needing based on how old your child is, how many children you have and whether or not you would like a package with follow up calls.  Packages that include follow up calls are recommended in most instances in order to achieve success.  They provide you the opportunity to ask questions as you go through the process, to receive help “troubleshooting,” as well as they provide accountability for following through with your plans and for giving you support.  Once you know which package is right for your family, pay for the appropriate package.  Your consultation will not be confirmed on my calendar until payment is received.

Cancellation policy:  Scheduled consultations can be canceled with 48 hour advanced notice for no penalty.   Should you cancel your consultation with less then 48 hours notice, a $50 deposit will be retained and the remainder of your fee refunded to you.

4)  Following receipt of your payment notification, Linda will email you with all the forms that need to be completed prior to the consultation along instructions for completing the forms.