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sleep tight consultants reviews

Our household is MUCH happier and well-rested as a result of Linda and Sleep Tight Consultants. Our daughter, Morgan (17 months) was a consistent early riser (and I mean EARLY — 4:30-5:00 AM) and often woke throughout the night. Additionally (and I am not proud of this), we were breaking a major sleep rule and still rocking her to sleep for naps and at bedtime. We knew something had to change and contacted Linda for help. She helped us realize that falling asleep on your own is a learned skill and by continuing to rock Morgan, we were depriving her of practicing that skill. She gave us the tools and techniques for gentle approach to sleep training.

We decided to start on Friday night and all day I was so nervous about how it would go. It ended up not being nearly as bad as I was anticipating! Morgan cried for 20 minutes the first night, 10 minutes the next, 5 the next, then 2, then eventually none. In just a few days she became a pro at falling asleep on her own the BEST part is that she stayed asleep throughout the night — no more night wakings because she now knew how to put herself back to sleep! Once we had night time sleep down, we moved on to naps and that was easy peasy!

Now my former terrible sleeper goes to bed without a fuss, sleeps through the night, and wakes up happy at 6:00 AM (which is heaven for us after months of 5:00 AM mornings!). Furthermore, her naps are consistently 2 hours in the middle of the day and we are loving finally having a predictable schedule! We are so grateful for Linda’s guidance and support throughout this process. I would highly recommend Sleep Tight Consultants to anyone!

Sara, mom of 17 month old daughter

We really appreciated the help of Linda. Our 3 1/2 year old son was never a good sleeper. I felt like we tried everything and read everything there is about sleep, but nothing seemed to work. I was expecting my second child and knew that if we didn’t get this under control then it would be a difficult road ahead. We tried working hard on getting him to sleep independently before the baby with no success. When our daughter arrived, as expected it got even harder. He was more demanding than ever. We couldn’t leave his room until he was sound asleep, and then the baby wound up going to bed really late because we were attending to our son. At the end of the long night, there was no time for anything but sleep for ourselves. This went on and on until a friend from work told me they recently used Linda for sleep consultation. I really did think that it was too late for our son. We would never be able to break his bad habits, so I was definitely skeptical. But we were so desperate to help our son sleep and make sure we don’t develop the same habits in our daughter. Linda asked for a lot of information about both kids Baby sleep successand their sleep habits. She created a plan for both kids that was simple, yet very specific. Our daughter was quick on learning how to fall asleep independently. I have heard of babies just being put down and falling asleep on their own, but I could never make that happen. I thought it was just luck, but after 3 days our daughter was doing just that. You can lay her down, and she feel asleep. The plan was gradual and extremely effective. Our son was not so easy at first. He realized that his life was going to change, and he fought it for the first 4 days. Then with follow up phone conversations, the plan began to work. I couldn’t believe it! It was literally like a miracle for us. Now, his bed routine is short and we can actually leave his room with him awake. I can’t believe how much our life has changed in a month. We actually can leave the kids with a babysitter, or enjoy time at night. I can’t say enough about happy we are with Linda’s services. We recommend Linda to anyone who asks us about how we get our kids to sleep. It was so worth it! If you follow the plan, it will work.

Helen, mom of a 3 1/2 year old son and 6 month old daughter

DSC_0391I can not emphasize enough how amazing Linda’s services are. When I first contacted Linda I could not see a light at the end of this sleeplessness tunnel for my 12 month old and myself. My daughter was a TERRIBLE sleeper. She slept with my husband and I in our bed nursing all night long, waking up and crying almost every 2 hours some nights until she latched back on. She also would only take naps if someone was holding her and would wake up instantly if you tried to put her down. 

I had Linda’s contact information for over 2 months before I contacted her because honestly I was afraid of her telling me that I had to wean her from breast-feeding and just let her cry it out. I could not have been more wrong! The plan we developed was so perfect; it was no where near just letting her cry it out and it protected our breastfeeding relationship! We had also never really tried any sort of sleep training so that also made me a little afraid that it wouldn’t work. I started to feel hopeful right after the first consultation! My daughter took to the training very easily and it was such a smooth and easy journey that I was kicking myself for not contacting Linda earlier.
My daughter now sleeps in her crib for 12hrs every night with NO night wakings! If she does wake up she knows how to put her self back to sleep, which is a skill that will help her for the rest of her life! She also takes 2 naps in her crib every day!

I see such a difference in her temperament now that she is well rested everyday and is not chronically tired. I can also see such a difference in my self now that I’m not chronically tired, I don’t have to make 4 trips to the grocery store in one day because I forgot everything!!
Sleep is such a huge struggle for so many families and Sleep Tight Consultants took away that stress and has made my whole family much happier!

Amber, mom of 12 month old daughter

Baby sleep successWe are eternally grateful to Linda for helping our whole family get some sleep again! Our son had a difficult time sleeping from the start and by 4 months he was getting up 4-6 times per night while taking at least 30-60 minutes to be rocked back to sleep each time. He also would only nap while being held, so no rest for tired mom & dad while he was napping, either. Needless to say, everyone was frazzled and exhausted when we finally started working with Linda at 18wks. After filling out a history and sleep log, Linda came for the consultation and helped us set a plan that was manageable for both our son and us as parents. Her deep knowledge and experience shown through and made it easy to trust and follow the plan. After 3-4 nights, the baby was falling asleep easily on his own and within the week sleeping through the night without waking up. Needless to say this was a game changer to exhausted parents!!! Over the last two months we’ve continued to work with Linda via online logs and phone calls. She has continued to provide direction to help us fix early rising and have all naps happening in the crib. Now, everyone is better rested and I can see drastic improvements in my baby’s temperament as he is happy and thriving from good sleep! Plus as parents we feel like we’ve gotten a sense of normalcy back because not only are we no longer sleep deprived, but we can put the baby to bed without wondering when we next need to help him back to sleep. Overall it has made our days much brighter and the nights much easier, all thanks to Linda! I would do it all again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her to any parents struggling with sleep issues for their baby!

Brooke, mom of a 4 month old son

Toddler sleep successOur daughter’s sleep was literally a NIGHTMARE. She had always been attached to me but after being sick a few times and allowing her into our bed, she decided that was going to be the only place she’d sleep. Even though she was IN our bed, she still wasn’t sleeping well. We put her down in her bed (kicking and screaming) every night, and she’d cry herself to sleep. After being so physically and mentally drained, we’d let her into our bed when she woke up in the middle of the night. After months of this, we didn’t think we’d ever get her back in her room, let alone her crib, but with Linda’s coaching and help we did! She’s slept IN her crib every night since we started this process about 6 weeks ago. She still protests a bit at bedtime, but is sleeping all night long and waking up very happy in the morning- and so is the rest of the family. We’re not tired, stressed, or anxious like we were before. This process has been a total life-changer for us.

Tanja, mom of a 2 year old daughter

Our son was 18 months when we decided we needed to make a change. Hesitant because we worried about being told we had made mistakes or that he was way too old to have such awful sleeping habits, we researched sleep consultants. That’s when we found Linda! She was so understanding of our situation. Our son was waking 4-5 times a night and needed to be rocked, walked, and/or nursed to fall asleep, this included naps. She walked us step by step through the process we needed to follow and listened to and thoroughly answered all of our questions and concerns along the way. We were also able to tackle naps and sleep issues associated with the frequent traveling we do. Not only was our son sleeping through the night by the second night but it took him less than an hour to fall asleep from the very start! The follow up phone calls were crucial to our success. It was just the support we needed if we had bumps along the way AND it kept us accountable. We couldn’t recommend Linda enough! Absolutely the BEST baby money we have spent!

Michelle, mom to 18 month old son

Our family was seven months into a sleep nightmare. Our child was a wonderful sleeper who was able to fall asleep on his own in his crib. When he moved into a twin bed at nearly 2 and a half years old, he was incapable of falling asleep on his own. We had gotten in the habit of laying in bed with him or holding his hand until he fell asleep or woke up in the middle of the night. We were getting a maximum of 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep at a time for months. We were falling apart. Linda had us track his sleep for five days and we realized just how bad it was.

The day that Linda came over, we were a wreck. She spoke to us in a calm and clear way. In a way, she treated us with as much care as we were going to take with our son. Her plan was so clear, it was so simple when she told us what to do. We weren’t convinced that it would work. We knew we had created sleep crutches that may be too ingrained to break. But we tried.

We followed her plan to the letter and after the first night, our son didn’t need us to be in the bed or touching him to fall asleep. After the ninth night, he was falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night. It’s been two months since we started and we are well rested and more importantly, our son is well rested and happy. We are all more patient, more caring and more understanding because we are getting sleep.

There is a reason why sleep deprivation is a form of torture. There is hope. I promise you that there is hope. You are not bad parents. Linda can help you and your home will be filled with smiles and laughter again.

Sleep problems aren’t just a problem with infants. Your child and your family can be helped, I promise you. There is hope.

Jenn, mom of a 3 year old son

sleep tight consultants reviewsI actually can’t believe the improvement in Stella’s sleeping and the entire mood and vibe in our home and family. I truly never thought she’d be able to be the kind of kid who would sleep 14 hours a day and/or the kind of kid who we’d be able to put into her crib and sing a short lullaby, say “I love you, sweet dreams,” close the door and go about my day (for a nap) or evening (for night sleep) and she’d be asleep within 30 minutes on her own after “chatting” and playing a little by herself. The stress level in our home has decreased an incredible amount because my husband and I are not constantly worried about “will she sleep/nap? will she wake up 3 times in the night? will it take an hour to get her to sleep/nap?” etc.  Additionally, it was a very gentle and gradual way to work on the sleep training. I never felt as though I was abandoning her to just cry for hours, I felt as though I was supporting and soothing her, but not in an enabling way. And Stella is so much happier and well-rested now that she “gets” how to sleep. Such an amazing change for our entire family.

Amy, mom of 14 month old daughter

Baby sleep successWhen our daughter was 5.5 months, we were hitting a wall with running her pacifier up and down the stairs until she would go to sleep. She was swaddled and we were getting pressure to take her out of the swaddle from our pediatrician. Her sleep crutches were getting out of hand and making evenings and naps very stressful. Linda came in and changed everything!! She was so amazing and reassuring throughout the sleep training process. She helped me feel confident and as a result, my daughter’s sleep patterns completely changed. I never thought I could feel the ease that I feel now when we put her down for naps and bedtime. She now puts her own pacifier in and is unswaddled. She sleeps through the night and naps are a breeze. What I found most amazing about working with Linda is how responsive she was with me (I’m someone who asks A LOT of questions) and how knowledgeable she was with the process. I’ve already recommended her to many of my friends who couldn’t be happier. Working with Linda is a no brainer and we’re so grateful that we found her!

Katie, mom of a 5 month old daughter

I don’t think I understood just how important good sleep was until we had our sweet Ella and I went over a year without it. Ella starting sleeping 7 to 8 hour blocks around 3 months, which I thought was amazing for a breastfed baby! Friends gave me their books about sleep training around this time and I put them at the back of my closet thinking our baby was doing great on her own. Around 6 or 7 months she started waking a few times at night and we attributed it to a growth spurt. We still followed our bedtime routine – bath, massage, books, and nurse, but each night was a gamble. We moved to Chicago when Ella was 9 months and her sleep went downhill fast. Waking up 2 times a night turned into 4, 5, and sometimes 6 with 2 half hour naps during the day. By the time we celebrated Ella’s first birthday, she was chronically exhausted and often fussy and I was a walking zombie. I woke up to Ella’s cry on the monitor around 4 am one morning after being up every hour with her that night. I burst into tears to my husband, so upset that I didn’t know what to do to help our baby sleep! I found Linda’s website that same morning and reached out to schedule a consult.

Our first visit with Linda was wonderful. She provided us factual information on baby sleep patterns & problems, answered our questions, and helped us develop a solid plan to meet our family’s needs. The plan was everything I hoped for – gentle, did not involve CIO methods, and easily put in practice. The best part being I had total support from Linda over the next several weeks as we implemented our plan! It only took us a couple nights of patience and Ella a few nights to stop waking at night and teach herself to fall asleep without being rocked or nursed. The whole process was liberating and it was so great to see our baby return to her happy, well-rested self. The nights of pulling out all the tricks to get her to sleep and crossing our fingers she wouldn’t wake-up screaming the minute we put her down were over! Working with Linda was a life-changing experience! Our unpredictable, challenged sleeper now sleeps 11 hours straight each night and takes two 1.5 hour naps every day! We have traveled several times since training Ella and are now in the process of transitioning to one nap and everything is going so well. Take it from us – don’t let a year of sleepless, stressful days and nights pass you by. With Linda’s guidance, start teaching your baby the vital skill of sleep today!

Brandi, mom of 15 month old daughter

Toddler sleep successPrior to working with Sleep Tight Consultants, our sleep situation was extremely challenging. Between 3 and 5 months, our daughter was sleeping six hours at a time in a pack and play in her room. It was a situation that worked for everyone in our household.

Things changed drastically when we went on vacation for two months to visit family. We were in a different time zone. We coslept. She wasn’t on a consistent schedule. There were a lot of distractions at night and during nap time.

When we returned home, we continued cosleeping because we enjoyed the bonding time. Things remained enjoyable for about a month, but then the challenges really began. It would take over 90 minutes to rock her to sleep most nights. She’d cry, scream, kick, and throw her arms. She woke up frequently. She tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. Her sleeping schedule was unpredictable. She wasn’t get enough sleep and it was having a visible impact on her day. Her not sleeping also meant we weren’t getting enough sleep to function well throughout the day.

We knew we needed to do something to ensure that she could get the rest she needed. We were hesitant to try getting her to sleep in her own space because after our summer vacation we moved to a new home, so she was completely unfamiliar with her new room. We looked up information online about how to go about it, but so much of the advice conflicted and it was overwhelming.

After talking to a colleague about our sleeping issues, she recommended Sleep Tight Consultants. Her family experienced a similar issue and said, “working with Linda changed our lives!”. We decided to hire Linda based largely on that recommendation. We couldn’t agree more, working with Linda has changed our lives! Linda helped get our daughter to sleep through the night. She also worked with us to teach our daughter how to nap during the day. It was a difficult process emotionally, especially for mom, but things got easier over time and the end outcome was amazing. I remember telling Linda that I didn’t think my daughter could nap for more than 40 minutes at a time. She assured me that she could. I was a little skeptical because 40 minute naps were all my daughter had ever known. Within a few days of that conversation, our daughter napped for 90 minutes! She’s currently puts herself to sleep, she is sleeping 12 hours a night, and is doing a great job with napping during the day. She’s a much happier baby and we think it’s in large part due to her getting great sleep!

We highly recommend Sleep Tight Consultants to anyone who wants better sleep for their little one(s) and ultimately better sleep for everyone in their home!

Ericka, mom of a one year old daughter

Before meeting with Linda, I was a complete zombie; getting up with my daughter every 3 hours every night for almost a year. She was hooked on nursing to get back to sleep, and I was too tired to try anything different. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her alone to cry at night, but I needed to get some sleep so I could be a good mom and wife. During our initial meeting with Linda, I never felt embarrassed about the situation we had gotten ourselves into; she truly understood what we were going through and why it was happening. She listened to our needs and concerns, quickly (and accurately) pinpointed our daughter’s personality, and developed a plan for us to help her learn how to sleep. I loved that my husband was so involved in the process. We both felt very supported the whole time, and more importantly, we felt like we were supporting Annabelle through this big transition. After about 10 days, she started sleeping through the night. It was amazing! Even on the rare occasion she does wake during the night, all it takes is a few “shushes” and she goes right back to sleep. I wish we would have called Linda sooner. It was well worth the time, money and energy spent, because now we are all happy and well rested!

Stephanie,  mom of a 1 year old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsAfter a few half-hearted attempts at sleep training, we still found ourselves waking several times a night to our son’s cries. He could put himself to sleep, but staying asleep for more than a few hours in a row became a huge problem around 4 months old. Every week got worse until we were all completely exhausted, and my husband and I had a hard time agreeing on how to handle the night wakings which made things even more frustrating.

I had been at a presentation of Linda’s during my pregnancy, and it occurred to me to look her up because I’d been so impressed with her knowledge and approach to infant sleep. Within a few hours, we had our initial phone call and set up a consultation for later that week. Linda shared helpful information which made us realize where we’d been going wrong, and gave us a specific plan to follow when Ryan woke up during the night. It was so reassuring to get her feedback and be able to ask questions during the follow-up calls. The process required some hard work, but it was fast and effective! We have no regrets.

It’s easy as new parents to take for granted that being sleep-deprived comes with the territory, but that does NOT have to be the case! We are incredibly glad we got Linda involved because all three of us are so much more rested and happy. It helped immensely to have a third party to bounce ideas off of, instead of projecting our frustration on each other as we had been doing before, and we believe we have done Ryan a great service by teaching him how to sleep. The day we decided to call Linda, my husband and I were joking about how “maybe at this time next week we’ll be sleeping through the night!”…turns out the joke was on us because it actually happened!

Fast forward to 5 months later, this is what Kathleen says:  We are just so thankful every day that we were able to get his sleep habits built early, especially when I talk to other mom friends who struggle with all kinds of sleep issues.  Lately we’ve actually been waking up to the alarm clock before the baby!  We’ve definitely had our share of backwards progress, but consistency always seems to work to get things back on track and we feel equipped for these little regressions and future kids!!

Kathleen, mom of 5 1/2 month old son (and an update at 10 months)

Our son was 2 and a half when we decided it was time to change our sleep arrangement.  My son and I  shared a bed from the beginning because he breastfed, and as time went on he developed a strong sleep association to breastfeeding. We never knew when our son would go down to sleep. He would often be up until midnight, and then nurse all night which meant that I hadn’t slept more than 3 hours in over 2 years! Meanwhile, my husband got left out cold on the couch, and the intimacy was gone from our marriage.

We called Linda for help after a friend shared that she had been through a similar thing with her daughter.  Linda warned us that helping an older toddler like ours can be daunting, and we were very committed to cleaning up the mess so that our family could get the rest we needed. It is now 6 months since we began working with Linda’s program, and our son not only goes to sleep peacefully, by himself, in his own bed…he also tells us when he is ready to get the bedtime routine going! While bedtime was relatively easy from the start, it took many months of dedication to bring the same tranquility to naptime. It took nearly 4 months for our toddler to accept that naptime was here to stay. For the past 8 weeks, he in fact has looks forward to the peace of his naptime and lets us know that he would like to go to bed.

Our home has been transformed by the routine that Linda created to help us find the rest we all needed, at first just to function, and now to truly enjoy our time together as a well-rested, very happy family!

Daina, mom of a 2 1/2 year old son

sleep tight consultants reviewsMy daughters were always pretty good sleepers from infancy, so I was very surprised and frustrated when we started having night waking problems when they were 3 and 5! First my oldest daughter, Shaina, started waking up at night and crawling into our bed. Then, our youngest, Rebecca, picked up on this and started doing the same. Really bad habits developed quickly, and no one in our household was getting a good night’s sleep. We would take them back to their beds, but they would keep coming in, and then they started having trouble even falling asleep. Bed time became a nightmare. They were hard to get to sleep (we had to lay with them), and then they would each wake up several times in the night. This went on for several months, and it was putting a lot of stress on the family. No one was sleeping well, and my husband and I had no time together at night, or time to do anything else because the kids weren’t falling asleep until very late.

Our pediatrician referred us to Linda when we went in for Rebecca’s 3 year old check up, and just a few short weeks after our initial consultation with Linda, things were completely turned around! She gave us realistic goals to work towards, and tools to help us get there. I had read so many books, and thought I knew what I was supposed to do, but Linda made it easy for us, and she also had suggestions that I hadn’t thought of or read about. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of resources at her fingertips. I only wish we had called her months sooner! Her follow up calls were very helpful too so that we could tweak the plan if we needed to, and it also made us accountable to someone, so we had to stay on plan. Any family having issues with their children’s sleep habits should call Linda right away…it really works. Thank you Linda! Our whole family is much happier and better rested.

Sarah, mom of 3 and 5 year old daughters

Baby sleep successWhen I called for help, my 5-month-old son was in a rock-n-play and waking multiple times a night. We were all desperate for better sleep. In less than 2 months, my son is in his crib happily sleeping consistently, and so are we. I also feel that I learned so much about baby sleep and baby development. Linda was wonderful: supportive, reassuring, knowledgeable, funny, and a joy to talk to and work with. I recommend her without reservation!

Jara, mom of a 5 month old son

I have four kids, ages 8, 3, and 17 month-old twins.  I hired Linda when the twins were 8 months old.  I hired Linda because the twins weren’t sleeping through the night and we were all exhausted.  I had paid thousands of dollars to a night nanny service who promised to have the babies sleeping through the night by 3-4 months (which they did not).  If I’d known then what I know now, I would have used the night nurse to recover from my c-section and for a few nights until they were old enough to sleep train and then I would have hired Linda.  It would have saved me thousands of dollars.  So yes, I think her price and service is more than worth it and a wonderful value.

I was initially skeptical of Linda’s approach (staying in the room to calm the babies at night- I thought this would just be more upsetting for them) but I had tried to let them fuss and cry a bit and I was not able to get them to sleep through the night.  And even though everyone told me to just let them “cry it out”, just close the door at 7 pm and not go back in until 6 am, I couldn’t do it.

The twins shared a room.  Once we started working with Linda, the first night Andrew woke up and I immediately went into the room and sat next to his crib and calmed him and rubbed his back.  I had anticipated that he would see me and stand up and get hysterical and not calm down until I lifted him out of his crib.  But he actually didn’t get more upset.  Within a few minutes he lay back down in his crib and moaned and cried (but he wasn’t hysterical) until he was able to soothe himself back to sleep.  It was actually calming for me, because I could see that although he was fussing and crying, that he was fine.  He was not in pain, or crying for me (because I was right there).  All I know is that within 3 nights of working with Linda, both babies started sleeping through the night (7 pm-5:30 am) and have slept through the night every single night since that time (9 months ago).  When I started the sleep training with Linda, the babies were sleeping pretty well (only waking once per night each usually but also waking really early- before 6 am) but they just weren’t able to get themselves back to sleep unless we fed them a bottle of milk.  Although the process was a bit exhausting (it is exhausting to be awake in the room of a crying baby for a large chunk of time in the middle of the night).  But it worked like a charm.  In addition to getting the babies to sleep through the night and offering support through the process, Linda helped me with strategies for napping schedules and to get the babies to sleep later in the morning (ie not wake before 6 am).  All of this was part of her sleep consultation and creating a plan tailored for your family.

Fast forward 9 months and now we give the babies their bottles about 6 pm and walk them upstairs to their cribs and they actually want to get in.  We put them in wide awake and they put themselves happily to sleep (??!! unbelievable!).  It’s the same for their nap time.  They happily go into their cribs and soothe themselves to sleep.

So my best advice for you is to hire Linda right away.  She is a great support through the process.  She calls and her calls are very helpful- she tells you that you are doing a great job and that you can do it. It really helps.  In the moments where you think you might not be able to get through another day because you haven’t slept, she offers not only support and encouragement, but also provides you with a very detailed plan to follow to get your babies to sleep.   She gives you hope and puts you back in control of a situation that feels very out-of-control.

Emily, mom of 8 month old twins

Sleep Tight Consultants reviewsLinda was a tremendous help to our family. We hit our breaking point, in terms of lack of sleep, when Audrey was 7 months old. She was waking up several times during the night and it was really difficult getting her to sleep anytime before 8pm. Her naps weren’t restorative either; sometimes lasting only 30 minutes. Linda opened our eyes to an approach that my husband and I could both agree on and it worked wondrously! Audrey now has a 6:30pm bedtime and sleeps through the night without waking. She has terrific naps and seems much happier and well rested. We really value Linda’s perspective and advice and are so thankful that the entire family is finally getting good, restorative rest!

Julie, mom of 7 month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsLinda changed our lives. My son was waking 7-8 times per night up until the time he was 6 months old, when we hired Linda. I was beside myself with fatigue, and worse, I didn’t feel I was doing a good job as a parent because I was so short with my husband and even with my baby in the middle of the night. Linda helped us to put together a course of action that was tailored to our individual needs (separating nursing from sleeping, sleeping without a swaddle, and napping without a swing) and it worked within days. Our son is now what I consider a dreamy sleeper. He goes down easily, sleeps long, and naps like a champ. As my husband tells everyone, “Linda was the best investment we’ve made in a long time.”

Nikki, mom of 6 month old son

sleep tight consultants reviewsMy husband and I flirted with the idea of sleep training…I was interested, he was not and I almost accepted the fact that I would never sleep again. Then we went on “vacation” to Florida and had a terrible time. Sofia was up all night, wouldn’t nap and we exhausted. That is when I reached out to Linda and said “We are doing this!”.

I could not believe how fast Sofia accepted the new routine. She was 10 months at the time and I was so nervous that she was set in her ways. It was surprisingly easy to stick with the plan and really comforting to see that she was learning to fall asleep on her own.

Prior to the training we were rocking her to sleep for naps and bedtime. Bedtime was at 10ish pm, naps lasted 30 min and she was up 3-4 times in the middle of the night. Now Sofia has 2 scheduled naps that last anywhere between 1 – 1 1/2 hrs and goes to sleep by 7pm up by 6:30 am. IT IS LIFE CHANGING. And Linda is awesome! The coaching calls throughout the training are super helpful and keep you on track. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants their baby to sleep and wants to sleep themselves!!

Megan, mom of 10 month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsWe had two baby boys back to back – only 14 months apart.  Needless to say, it’s been a wonderful whirlwind.  Our first son is an incredible sleeper, and everything just always seemed to fall easily into place with him.  When our youngest son started having sleep troubles (immediately following a move), we had no idea how to handle it.  We couldn’t understand why it wasn’t going as smoothly as it did for us the first time, and what we were doing differently.  We also had no idea how much a child who doesn’t sleep well (or at all at times) could turn your life upside down.  Of course I was on the internet multiple times a day trying to get answers and advice.  I felt like I was trying everything under the sun.  Nothing was working, and it was actually getting worse.  He woke up continually throughout the night, cried and screamed, and was just not happy to be in a crib anymore.  After over two months of this, I had called my pediatrician in a sleep-deprived desperation, and that’s when I found out about Linda.  I have to admit, I was skeptical.  As I mentioned…I felt I had tried everything.  What could this woman possibly tell me that I hadn’t already heard and tried?  Well..she came out and met with us, assessed the situation, and gave us a solid direction to go in.  I couldn’t believe how quickly we started to see results!  Within a couple of weeks, our son was actually sleeping through the night! He still has a bit of trouble with naps, but is definitely going in the right direction now that other things are on track.  He is an extreme case when it comes to not wanting to sleep, so he has come a very long way.  I wish I would have known about Linda before going through over two months of craziness prior to meeting her, but the bottom line is that she knows how to help, and has really helped to change the whole attitude of our house now that we are all sleeping! Thank you so much, Linda!!

Lisa, mom of 6 month old son

sleep tight consultants reviewsWith baby #2 on the way it was time for our 2 ½ year old son Jack, to move out of the nursery and into his new big boy room. We decorated the room in Pixar Cars theme and bought him a brand new toddler bed. We discussed the change and tried to make him excited about the new room. We had no idea that we were in for a very stressful and exhausting 7 months of him refusing to sleep in his room and making one of us sleep in our guest bedroom bed with him. Five months after our son Evan was born a friend who knew about our situation with Jack referred us to Linda. Linda was the answer to our prayers!! She set up a program specific to our situation with Jack and with some excellent dialogue, sleep tools and consistency on our part, Jack is now sleeping all by himself through the night.

We used to have to take turns laying down with Jack and pretending to sleep until he fell asleep which sometimes took two hours or more. Before Linda, we hardly had anytime together as a couple because of Jacks sleeping issue. Now thanks to Linda, both kids are sound asleep before 8pm. Jack is a happy well rested child and we have our evenings together back.

Heather, mom of 3 year old son

sleep tight consultants reviewsWe are very happy with the help we received with Linda. Prior to contacting her, our son was up as many as 5 times per night, and sometimes for 1.5-2 hours at a time! We were miserable. Within a few days things were already improving, and within 2.5 weeks he was consistently sleeping through the night. And now, 2 months later he is still sleeping through the night (even with travel and illness thrown in!) Linda is extremely professional. She was well prepared every time we talked which I really appreciated (ie. she had read through my sleep journal entry). Also she was non-judgemental about different parenting techniques. When my son threw us a little curveball at the end of our sessions, she very kindly did one extra phone call for free so we could really make sure things were going ok. I couldn’t be happier with the service we received. It was worth every penny!

Monica, mom of 6 month old son

Working with Linda made a huge difference in my daughter’s sleep. She went from waking up 5 or 6 times a night to easily putting herself to sleep in a matter of seconds. We would not have been able to do this without Linda’s help.  She helped create a specific plan tailored to my daughter’s individual needs and communicated with my husband and I every step of the way, until my daughter finally got it. Now, we no longer dread bedtime and feel armed with the tools we need to make sure that our daughter continues this pattern of good sleep habits throughout her life.

Caroline, mom of 11 month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsTheodore was a colicky baby who used to cry all the time! He would wake up every 2-3 hours at night to be rocked, bounced, fed, among other things to get him to fall back to sleep. We would have to rock him until he was in a deep deep sleep and then carefully, without waking him, gently put him back into his crib. If he woke up we started all over again! It was absolutely horrible and I was getting no sleep and at my wits end. I reached out to Linda and she set up a plan for me to implement whenever I was ready. The plan was perfect for me and my husband because it wasn’t the cry it out method that I had read about. I also loved that Linda could walk me through it and support me along the way. We started the plan and had immediate results! We continued for a few more weeks and things improved so dramatically right away. We could now lay him in his crib awake and he would fall asleep within 15 minutes! Some times without even crying! No more rocking and bouncing all night long, Theo was putting himself to sleep, I was finally well rested, but more importantly so was Theodore. He was a more happy baby and could be his smiley self. Thank you so much Linda! We cannot thank you enough for all your help.

Eleanor, mom of 6 month old son

sleep tight consultants reviews

Before we met with Linda, Gianna’s naps were short and sporadic – if at all. We were exhausted and getting frustrated. In addition, Gia was always tired with tiny little bags under her eyes. During out meeting with Linda, we learned some important facts about infant sleep habits and also some incredibly helpful tips to getting Gia to sleep longer and more comfortably. We were able to get Gia on a regular nap and sleep schedule – not only did she sleep longer at times but her awake time was more pleasant and fun. Thank you Linda!

Jessica, mom of 8 month old daughter

Linda did an incredible job helping us with our 14 month old daughter.  Our daughter was undergoing rapid changes since she had just begun to walk. She slept in her own crib, but had trouble going to sleep without using a milk bottle as a crutch. She also had trouble staying asleep through the night. We had to hold her several times and we often resorted to bringing her into bed with us. Linda took us through a step by step process, which resulted in our daughter falling asleep by herself AND staying asleep through the night. The tactics also helped her nap by herself during the day. Linda has a thorough approach and examines all aspects that affect a child’s sleep: Age, development stage, meal content, meal times, time between naps etc. Linda maintained constant contact with us through the process to make sure our daughter made rapid progress. In fact, when our daughter started to go to sleep earlier and stay asleep longer, it took my wife and I a few days to figure out what to do with all the free time :).

Alok, dad of 14 month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsMy husband and I were blessed with an adorable little girl, Caroline, who was kind enough to start sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old!  It wasn’t until she was 4 ½ months when she decided to stop sleeping through the night.  We knew what the problem was, she was addicted to her pacifier and swaddle and hated being on her tummy, all on top of diagnosis of acid reflux.  But the struggle for us wasn’t necessarily diagnosing the problem, it was  knowing how to help our daughter.  That’s where Linda came in to play. She was absolutely wonderful.  Caroline is a very spirited, strong willed baby and sleep training was very difficult for her. We had to work very slowly and implement small changes, otherwise our daughter would get completely overwhelmed. Linda was informative, patient, had all the right suggestions as far as retail products that would help her in her transition and more importantly she stuck with us.  Caroline’s case was complex because she didn’t just  have behavioral issues (those we very quickly took care of with Linda’s guidance),  but we had developmental and medical hurdles and Linda’s expertise saw us through it all.  If it wasn’t for her, I am certain our daughter wouldn’t be sleeping through the night!  Thank you Linda, from all of us!

Megan, mom of 4 1/2 month old daughter

It happened on new years eve. As exhausted first time parents we sat down to talk about our new year’s resolution and my first one was to help our 10 month old son sleep through the night. He was exhausted, and we where exhausted. I had spent the last 10 months reading various books, engaging in online forums, getting advice from everyone around me and while i tried some of the techniques nothing seemed to be working successfully.  I went through my emails that night and found Linda’s website as we had attended a brief session she had given. I sent a message to Linda at 12:05 am on Jan 1st asking for help. What happened since has been educational, fairly easy and most importantly successful. Linda helped my husband and I identify various key items to help our very alert breastfed son learn to put himself to sleep. It took less than 3 weeks of gentle training that involved some crying, some soothing, a lot of consistency and a clearly defined routine to help him sleep 10-12 hours a night. For parents that haven’t slept for more than 3 hours uninterrupted, this was a saving grace. Within the 3 weeks we also started nap training and completed it successfully. Linda has been a valuable resource that has provided us with just the right amount of hand holding, affirmations and much needed insight on how to be successful. We are happy to report that our son continues to sleep and nap well. We HIGHLY recommend Linda and plan to ask for her help again for our next baby but will be starting training at a much younger age!
Thank you Linda for all of your help, your professionalism and the value you brought.

Noha, mom of 10 month old son

sleep tight consultants reviewsLinda changed our lives! Evan had never been a good sleeper.  At 5 months, he was still waking up every 2 hours to nurse at night.  He also had his days and nights mixed up due to a 3 day hospital stay where he was woken up every few hours all day and night. So at home, he began having a party in his crib for 3-4 hours at night, sometimes until 2 am and then he would not want to start his day until noon! Previously, we had hired two night nurses, each of whom we hired because I had meltdowns from being so sleep deprived. One worked with us for 2 weeks while Evan was 3 months old and another worked with us for another 2 weeks when Evan was 4 months old. We were actually considering hiring a third night nurse who specialized in sleep training when I talked to Linda (whom I knew because I joined The Chicago New Moms Group). I told her I was desperate and needed help but that I was hesitant to hire a night nurse because I found them to be a old school and big believers of a lot of old wives tales. (They both had convinced me that Evan was “starving” on just breast milk and that he would sleep better if he had formula or rice cereal). As a new mom, I felt as if they knew better and also felt guilty about starving my baby so I followed their advice. Evan did not sleep better and as I educated myself, I began to understand that a lot of what they said were just old wives tales. Linda told me that the strategies she used were evidence-based. She also told me that the night nurse may help me out at the moment but the next time Evan hit a developmental milestone and couldn’t sleep well, I would be in the same situation. She said she that we would have to put in the work but that we would learn how to get Evan to sleep and we could use what we learned later on too. Although we hoped that Evan would sleep 12 hours like I have heard of other babies doing, my  husband laughed at that. It was impossible for us to believe Evan, who had never slept more than 3 hour stretches, would sleep 12 hours. Well, two weeks later, Evan was sleeping through the night. Evan just turned 6 months and I am still dream feeding him once but we put him down at 6:30 pm and he wakes up at 6:30 am. We spent thousands of dollars trying to solve Evan’s sleep issues but hiring Linda was the best money we ever spent. Now, we have a happy, well-rested baby and my husband and I have been able to relax and spend time together in the evenings after Evan has gone to bed!

Ami, mom of 5 month old son

We are SO incredibly grateful for your help with June. When I look back on what June’s sleep looked like before we starting working with you it almost makes me cringe. Jeff and I were completely exhausted and our sweet daughter was often very unhappy due to the lack of sleep. She has transformed into such happy little lady and is truly a delight to be around. Although it took a great deal of dedication and hard work on our part to get her where she is now, we absolutely could not have gotten here without your reassurance and guidance. You gave us the confidence that we could help her become a great sleeper. In short, having a baby that sleeps through the night and naps has changed our lives in the most positive way. THANK YOU!!!

Lauren, mom of 6 month month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsLinda consulted for us and our 6 month old triplets.  She provided the tools and insight that successfully helped our three children get on a productive sleeping schedule and sleep through the night.  We found her very knowledgeable and never judging.  Always providing insight on any question we had. Her follow up was impeccable!  If she can help us and our triplets she can help anyone! We found her fees to be more than reasonable and worth every dime! We highly recommend her!

Jesse, dad of 6 month old triplets

sleep tight consultants reviewsSleep!  I wanted more, my husband wanted more, but most importantly, our son, Micah, needed more.  He was up 4-5 times/night, and his naps were minimal.  He was cranky, having a hard time focusing on anything for longer than a few seconds, and just generally not himself.  We knew we had to do something for him so that he could be well rested, we just couldn’t figure out what.  Linda helped us assess what the issues were, come up with a plan, and get Micah to where he needed to be.  She helped us to see why Micah was having a hard time sleeping.  She helped us to determine what kind of goals would be realistic based on what we all observed about Micah’s development and patterns.  She worked with us to develop a plan that we were comfortable with and gave options at each step to ensure that we were staying within our parenting “philosophy”.  She checked in regularly to see how things were going.  And, after all was said and done, she remained available for follow up.  Micah now gets the sleep he needs.  His happy smiling face is the only proof I need.

Cora, mom of 7 month old son

Evie has no shortage of determination, and she has made her opinion obvious since day one. As a result, my husband and I ended up cosleeping with her until she was six months. She wouldn’t have it any other way. However, she thought cosleeping was the perfect opportunity to dine all night long, so I was getting no sleep. To top it off, she would only nap in my arms while eating. As much as I cherish my daughter, I needed some “me” time, so I could at least shower! Linda helped us through both nighttime and nap time sleep issues, and adapted our plan to best suit Evie’s personality. She was a constant source of support and information; a huge help overall. Evie is now sleeping through the night and naps on her own!

Liz, mom of 9 month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsWe worked hard to establish good sleep habits with our daughter from birth. We were rewarded with a child that could usually put her self to sleep and resettle. Middle of the night feedings were quick and easy, and as a breastfeeding mum I developed the habit of feeding her when she did wake to a point where she was dependent on it to fall back asleep. Although she’d go straight back to sleep by four months I was exhausted and she was increasingly waking twice after midnight meaning I was totally exhausted. We desperately wanted to be sleeping through the night. I didn’t want to ‘cry it out’ because that felt like I was punishing our little girl who had always been an angel in the middle of the night.

Linda had me fill out a detailed sleep record and questionnaire about our family – I could clearly see sleep patterns over a 24 hours period. Linda met with us at home where we discussed our concerned and set our goal – to have our daughter sleeping from 7pm – 7am every night. We wrote a plan and signed a contract. This was important for me because it made me follow through. We followed Linda’s plan and with her daily support we moved our daughter from a rocker to un-swaddled in a crib.

Linda’s methods were gentle and it only took our baby three nights to be soundly sleeping through. Even sleeping babies can be noisy so with Linda’s support we moved her into her own room.

As a family we are all sleeping more soundly. I used to hope to be one of those lucky parents whose baby would sleep through by themselves after a couple of weeks. Now I think we are the lucky parents because we have taught our daughter to sleep. The value of this training becomes more apparent as she progresses through her milestones, without any sleep regressions. We now laugh when we see her practicing crawling in her crib because we know she has the skills to quickly resettle herself back to sleep without our help or intervention.

Sara, mom of 5 month old daughter

sleep tight consultants reviewsLinda helped solve one of the most difficult challenges we have faced as parents, yet. Our 22 month-old son never had a problem going to sleep, until one morning he figured out how to climb out of his crib.  The next couple of days were exasperating—at nap time and bed time, we simply couldn’t figure out a way to keep him safe and sound, going to sleep in his crib.  We were frustrated and exhausted.   Then we called Linda.  She sat down with us and walked through several options to find a sleep solution that worked for us and our child.  And she was with us every step of the way as we implemented that plan.  A few days later, our son was going to sleep soundly—and staying asleep throughout the night.  Without Linda’s knowledge and support, we would have been completely lost. Thanks so much Linda!  Because of your help, we are a happy (well-rested) family again!

Jessica, mom of 22 month old son